December 1, 2020

7.30 am:

8.30 am: Off to School to wait for the double gallery to be opened so that I could begin the Vocational Practice seminar. I’d time to venture into those parts of the building that I’ve had no cause to visit during this last semester. I felt the ‘ghosts’ of past students who’d walked these corridors: their laughter and ease as they moved back and forth from the Common Room.

9.30 am: Class began, for the last time in this fashion. We got there in the end. A recursive image:

11.00 am: I’d walked to the main campus and, finding myself with time on my hands, enjoyed a hot chocolate in the IBERS cafĂ©, close to Penbryn:

11.30 pm: I began a pair of MA fine art tutorials, face-to-face for the last time this semester.

1.30 pm: I caught up on the morning’s incoming mail and prepared for the afternoon’s teaching: two PhD fine art tutorials. 4.15 am: Further admin, along with a creeping tiredness and a developing headache.

7.30 pm: On the bench tonight: the mini-pedalboard. A number of electrical parts had arrived today; they enabled me to bring this minor (but hugely enjoyable) project closer to a conclusion.

Keep soldering on, as they say:

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