December 9, 2020

8.00 am: A communion. 8.30 am: Proof of presence:

8.45 am: I planned the day ahead, as a smokey-screen of thin, neutral cloud drifted (like a mild depression) slowly over my head. 9.00 am: A BA art history dissertation tutorial. I exemplified:

I write almost every day. Writing is to thinking what practise is to playing a musical instrument, what drawing is to seeing. If I stop writing for a significant length of time, the ability diminishes. Clarity of writing is the fruit of clear thinking. Clear thinking, in turn, is the fruit of writing clearly. I learned to write in an academic context by reading how other authors wrote. Reading, too, is the practise of writing, in this sense.

9.45 am: Having ‘0-rated’ my inbox , I began considering the construction of a bespoke website for the Noisome Spirits CD. The Weebly theme that I’d used for the previous three has now been withdrawn. For a gentleman that prizes unwavering consistency (a virtue that could easily topple into a vice), this was a blow. But, then again, the Aural Bible I-III projects were intended to be a trilogy. There was no shadow of ‘IV’ at the beginning.

After pouring over the Weebly forum, I discovered a method of exporting the original theme to a new site. My Weebly sites are free; but that comes at a cost. They’re not web-searchable. However, so long as they have a URL that I and interested parties can link to, the sites serve their purpose. 11.30 am: I began drafting the page categories and designing the furniture. (In the background: Lol Coxhill and Morgan Fisher, Slow Music (1980).)

1.40 pm: A brief amble in the daylight for a change, and while it was dry. 2.15 pm: I began a test text infill into one of the new site’s pages. Weebly has a different interface to WordPress. In some respects, it’s more flexible, intuitive, and fool-proof. And since I rarely need to engage the project sites once they’re completed, I’m apt to forget the procedures on my return. We all have to know so much these days. The rain came as predicted: that stinging, cold winter rain. Finally, at the close of the afternoon, as darkness fell, I attached a new remote footswitch to the new mini-pedalboard.

7.30 pm: Back to the new site, and developing the furniture (graphics, icons, and headings). At this juncture, the CD cover design too begins to emerge. Consistency and continuity are the watch words.

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