February 19, 2019

7.15–8.30 am:

9.00 am: It takes me exactly 15 minutes to walk from my house to Old College. I began a fairly stiff day of postgraduate teaching and meetings. The morning was dedicated to MA fine art tutorials. The students are developing along very different paths, each with a bespoke problem.

This is a tutor’s delight, and a challenge to adapt. Each conversation is tailored to the student and draws upon very different strands of my expertise. It keeps me on my toes. 10.30 pm: back to the mothership to complete the morning’s commitments, including one Skype call”

Our latest staff member and I had lunch together. I’d not had a decent conversation with them since their interview. They’ve an impressive sense of vision and commitment. They’ll contribute so much to the School, I’m sure.

2.00 pm: Peter Monaghan held forth about his professional practice at the Vocational Practice module, while I attended a Staff Management Meeting. 3.30 pm: I left to climb the hill to hold my annual postgraduate training workshop on ‘Working with Sound’ for the PhD students. It was a small group, but we gelled well.

6.00 pm: Homeward, to await the visit of an old friend, who was visiting Aberystwyth and coming for dinner. An evening of wide-ranging conversation followed.

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