February 26, 2019

1.30 am: Bedtime.

8.15 am: The smalls: those things that are neither difficult nor interesting to do, but which nevertheless must be done, now. The new: I’d been invited to introduce the Rivers of Gold exhibition – which is being held at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre – on Monday. 10.30 am: A jaunt up the hill to review the work and begin considering a brief response.

11.20 am: Back to the little stuff and adminy bibs ‘n bobs before settling to an afternoon’s teaching and advisory.

2.00 pm: I caught up with a painting tutorial, left-over from last week, and then engaged an undergraduate dissertation student who was touting for a supervisor. The weather has remained unseasonably warm. However, the School’s heating retained its winter-time ferocity. The combination was rather uncomfortable.

3.10 pm: A visit from an old friend and photographer (among other things) Robert Greetham. We reminisced about our past lives and considered present realities, the glories of ageing and maturity, the nature of photography, the human values of art, and the hope of things to come.

3.30 pm: Off to Old College for an anticipated tutorial that didn’t materialise. It happens. Into the sunlight:

4.15 pm: I arrived at my hairdresser for the monthly crop a little early. I was the last client (customer/punter/whatever). This is one of the most comfortingly ordinary experiences in my life:

6.00 pm: Washing and drying the dinner ‘things’ is another. It’s a ritual that I hardly register in the doing of it. A time for conversation, discussion about the news on the radio, talking to myself (internally), and recovering from the day.

7.30 pm: After watching part of another episode of Ken Burn’s excellent documentary film on The Roosevelts, I sat back at my desk and caught up with my inbox, which had been unusually productive for a Tuesday afternoon. Several projects absorbed my energy: one at its completion and another in inception.

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