January 26, 2019

8.00 am: A communion. And I looked up at the shelf by the skylight; in that moment, there was slight shift of sensation. I’ve experienced it before. It’s as though I’m in another place and time, one that’s familiar and reassuring. Such a feeling disappears just as quickly as it arrived. But I’m grateful for the occurrence.

9.00 am: I selected a range of biblical texts on war, its futility and cessation, and the weaponry of spiritual conflict. They represent single verses, one for each of the ‘Wisdom is Better …’ compositions. On my return from town, I would begin to process the first of them for ‘Whetstone/Cormorant’. 11.30 am: A jaunt to the hairdressers for my monthly mop-mow:

12.30 pm: Studiology. My laptops really do need a RAM upgrade. I’ve commissioned my younger son to build me a sound/image software only, high-spec computer, for my birthday. I need more processing power.

1.30 pm: After lunch, I searched for the selected verses on the Scourby vinyls, and readied them for effector modulation, using my mini Kaoss Pad. This would be fun, at the very least:

And it would be play, too. The playfulness of playing music/sound is apt to be lost in composition and performance. After half-an-hour of gleeful text mashing and hashing, I’d more than enough for the composition. On Monday, I’d sift through the trawl and extract whatever was relevant, excellent, and sufficient.

5.20 pm: ‘Turn off!’

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