January 29, 2019

Tuesday, January 29.
9.00 am: Old College, West Classroom: The sound of sanding, foot steps approaching, the hum and rush of a radiator, rain against the window, waves against the rocks. MA tutorials.

‘Not a crisis … just a frustration’.
Tired people, talking together.
We look for something that we’ve already seen before, in a different context.
Even if we don’t understand why we put it there, we recognise that it’s there, and leave it there.
If we knew too thoroughly why we do what we do, then, we may kill the goose that lays the golden egg.
Staying on the same spot long enough for something to happen.
Ideas and practices: like old clothes in the laundry basket. ‘Do I really want wash, iron, and wear those again? Maybe I should buy some new clothes’.
I remembered my mother hanging woolly jumpers on the washing line on a cold winter’s day. They’d freeze as stiff as hardboard.
You rarely have good ideas outside the manipulation of a medium. So, do and think and do.
’That was a time when I went forward with hope.’

In the production art, as in life lived, significant change can come in a moment – through a word spoken in season, a comforting gesture, a time remembered, a delicacy of response, or an intimacy bravely shared or envisaged.

10.45 am: Respite at the local watering-hole and admin, before moving on to the mothership to undertake further admin, in the rain:

1.10 pm: The annual Professional Practice: ‘Time Management’ lecture:

2.00 pm: A late and working lunch:

2.30 pm: The first of further MA fine art tutorials at the School and Old College, again. Rain has given way to cold. There’s snow in the outlying districts, already. 4.00 pm: Admin at the watering hole, again: references, emails, and reminders. 5.00 pm: Homeward.

7.30 pm: Putting away the day that’s been, administratively, and crossing items on my eternal ‘to do’ list, with one eye on Parliament via the BBC News website, before returning to writing.

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