July 11, 2019

7.30 am: A communion. The IOS upgrade on my iMac did the trick. The computer feels a good five-years younger. (Give me some of that!) Today would be characterised by multiplicity: including those many small tasks that need to be done, and some that may as well be done now as in the future. (Just the thought of prevarication chills me to the bone.) They’ll be interspersed with meatier commitments. Lo and behold, one of my MacBook Pros is too old to support the latest IOS upgrade. (Join the club, pal!) Well that’s one task sorted, then.

9.30 am: The CD graphics stood in need of an image for the spine. 10.45 am: Done. Back, then, to the CD’s website to construct a footer image for the main page, to identify affiliates. 11.30 am: Done, in spite of some unexpected glitching:

A change from doing to considering how something might be done. My intention is to read through the Bible from beginning to end and note every the occurrence of sound in the text – either as its described, alluded to, or used in metaphor and simile. I’ll be using the King James Version – the most poetic translation of the scriptures – and an old-world card-index system. I’d bought the box and contents, and labelled each book divider and card, back in 1984–5 (I think). It was never really used, and so has had to wait thirty-four years to find a sense of purpose. Some people are like that, too:

I was living in Cardiff, on Kincraig Street, which was off City Road, where there was a huge commercial stationary shop that had EVERYTHING. (This was in the days before Rymans.)

1.30 pm: I headed for the railway station to check for any train delays prior to my journey to South Wales, tomorrow, and complete some domestics:

2.00 pm: Back at homebase, while writing reminders about things to pack (which is one of life’s petite-pleasures when you’re looking forward to a trip away), I began my read at Genesis, Chapter 1, and verse 1. This was a trial run, in order to understand how I’d encounter a sonic event in the text. The ‘database’ categories would evolve during the process of reading. At the outset I recognised the need for a notebook at my elbow, in order to write down all those observations on what was taking place on the left and right of my focal path.

7.30 pm: The priority was packing.

Tomorrow would be the last day of ‘Intersections: dairy’ for a while. I need to reclaim my privacy, draw breath, review the writing, and consider whether the genre remains appropriate for the drive towards June 2021.

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