July 4, 2019

7.45 am: A communion.

I’m uncomfortable about making decisions on the basis of inadequate information. Particularly so, when the outcome could have significant consequences for others. Principles of thought and action alone aren’t always adequate for the task. And many decisions have both an upside and a downside. The war may be just, but there’ll be casualties.

In a dream last night, a dear friend had made a surprising and an appalling error of judgement, out of desperation. I remember feeling disappointed for, rather than about, them. They would’ve felt their self-betrayal deeply, I thought. But, there was no way that I could reach out to offer consolation and support. I awoke from the dream, as from a nightmare – startled.

8.30 am: After addressing emails and made further plans for my trip way next week, I returned to the CD artwork. Having developed drafts of the images, the next step was to remake them within a Photoshop environment and create production-ready copy. In parallel, I added acknowledgments to the booklet’s text.

11.30 am: Off to town for my annual appointment with Richard, my dental hygienist. I tend to go at least fifteen minutes before time in order to read the Cambrian News (our local rag). It’s one of the few occasions when I do:

Might there have been a reason for throwing them in the river, and not wanting them back?

1.30 pm: After lunch, I put my shoulder to the wheel of software, and constructed subtle variations on the design of the CD’s front cover – just in case I’d not realised an optimum at the draft stage. Of course, I’ve no control over how well the printer operative will render the colour and tone of the artwork. But you can only be responsible for what you can be responsible.

7.30 pm: He/she can look a little intimidating in a certain light:

I completed the final Photoshop design, reviewed yesterday’s composite images, and returned to studio to consider again changes to the errant sound composition’s mix.

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