June 14, 2021

Saturday, June 12. 5.00 am: I awoke with the instinct that I would never be able to return to sleep. 6.15 am: Breakfast. A treat:

6.45 am: An ‘in-between weathers’ sort of morning. Neither warm nor cool; tending towards neither rain nor sunshine. On my walk, I took time to observe. And each thing I saw appeared to recall every occasion that I’d seen it before. Vision and memory, dancing together like binary stars.

8.00 am: I commenced the review of the remaining of this diary. In the background, I listened to YouTube testimonies about Near Death Experiences. There’s a power in the personal narrative. You may not be persuaded by the evidence, but you’ll be convinced that the witness was persuaded of the veracity of their experience. 12.00 pm: Task completed.

1.30 pm: After lunch, I Hoovered the house so that I could have a ‘day-off’ doing so tomorrow. 2.30 pm: My last website for review was: John Harvey: Intersections of Sound, Image, Word, and Life‘. This is the mothership of the dairy sub-site. I’ve not posted an article here in some time. Once the diary concludes, ‘Intersections’ will be the shop-window for word-based releases of a short and theme-specific nature:

Sunday, June 13. 9.00 am: A day for gifts, celebration, and reflection:

2.45 am: A hike with Mrs H into the Parc Natur Penglais’s ‘heart of darkness’.

Monday, June 14. 7.15 am: A communion. 7.45 am: A review of the week ahead, followed by an exchange with Mr Iliff about adding a ‘Homilies’ section to the ‘Intersections’ blog site. To this would be added reflections on biblical texts, doctrine, theology, and the Christian religion. Such had been a minor and occasional feature of the diary and Diary We began our discussion shortly after 8.00 am. During the pandemic, 8.00 am as become the new 9.00 am for university staff.

8.30 am: I climbed ‘the hill of Penglais’ to deposit my samples at the GP surgery. There were a number of other aspects of Project Body that needed investigating over the next few months. 9.00 am: I made revisions to several of the Intersections posts. Throughout the morning, incoming mail asking for a more-or-less immediate response punctuated and punctured my resolve.

3.00 pm: The ‘proofs’ (for want of a better word) of the Noisome Spirits album had arrived. These needed to be listened to intently, before being signed-off. Thereafter, the CD could go into production and, finally, released. I will review the CD transfer a number of times before arriving at a judgement. So often, the album feels like a dead and disappointing thing at this juncture in its evolution. I’ve lived with it too long already. My head, heart, and ears are now in another place.

4.00 pm: I turned my thoughts towards the ‘The Spirit Cried’ (Mark 9.26): Sounds of the dead, damned, and demonic in the landscape of eighteenth-century Wales’, conference paper. 4.15 pm: Into the long-grass:

7.15 pm: I undertook a second review of the ‘Intersections’ website. (In the background: Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Tarkus (1971), which was released fifty-years ago today.)

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