June 22, 2019

My resting thoughts are one long prayer these days.

7.45 am: Morning: cold but sunny:

8.30 am: A communion. 9.15 pm: I composed a prayer for friendship, before carrying on with the CD text. There was the prospect of a bitty day ahead: writing, tidying, domestics, electrics, and a walk in the sunlight to my habitual watering hole for a cup of comfort.

My writing begins with fragments of thought and raw ideas, rather than whole sentences. These, then, coalesce into coherent strands which, in turn, begin to establish a continuity, order, and progression. 10.45 am: I took part in an Ipsos Mori survey about my weekly radio listening habits, for which I received a fiver. (This would pay for my afternoon’s comfort.) ‘How old are you?’ the representative asked. ’60’, I replied. (‘No, that doesn’t seem right AT ALL!’, the brash young man in my head protested.) My listening habits are constrained. During week days, I turn on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme the moment I enter the bathroom in the morning, and turn it off once the breakfast dishes are cleared up. Late Saturday afternoon, I may catch part of Radio 3’s Jazz Records Request. I can’t work with the radio on.

11.30 am: Tea (No. 3):

I write not only to articulate my understanding of what I’ve made but also in order to understand it.

1.30 pm: Post-lunch, I walked into town: the south side was decidedly cool; the north side, uncomfortably warm (for me). Were it not for making the effort, I could be stuck in doors for days on end.

I headed to the watering hole to spend my fiver. Today, ‘my’ table was vacant. Much of import has passed from side to side over the past few years. Futures, heartaches, calamity, despair, and well-being have been the topics of conversation with friends and students. Rarely have I ever engaged in a discussion for which there was no prescribed agenda. A beverage lubricates the process of socialisation. Counselling in this context has much to commend it:

A glorious afternoon. The Llyn Penisula was visible:

Never let it be said that Aberystwyth is a stranger to sophisticated entertainment. But what a curious and somewhat perturbing thing this is:

2.30 pm: Back into the studio for a ‘tidy’ (as we say in South Wales).:

The last item on the agenda for today was the buzzy Pedalboard II. On testing, the buzz had completely disappeared. This may seem like good news, but it wasn’t. Either the board has an intermittent problem or some other component in the network was responsible for the noise. (Guitar > lead > amp > send > PBII > return.):

5.00 pm: Over and out!

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