March 16, 2021

WFH: DAY 55/LENT 24. 7.30 am: Drizzledom:

The daily amble would need to be postponed until later. 8.00 am: A communion. An impromptu staff meeting has been called for lunchtime tomorrow, in order to discuss arrangements for a return to blended teaching following the Easter vacation. The proposition is not straight forward. 8.30 am: Admin. 9.30 am: The first of the morning’s MA fine art tutorials. Those that are lurching towards either their first or second exhibition are shaping-up. Peaks are being reached, just at the right time.

In between tutorials, I reviewed the PowerPoints for Friday’s Art/Sound class.

12.30 pm: Time out; (the amble): the Avenue:

1.45 pm: I had an afternoon to commit to the Noisome Spirits website’s text. There was much yet to be written. But, first, I wanted to get what was already cast onto the pages, right. (In the background: Oscilloscope’s Deep Dive interview with Benjamin Buck. Like me, he has come to sound from a background in two-dimensional fine art.) Changes to one of the four CDs’ websites implied changes to all the others. Once the present site is up-to-date, the others would need to be made consistent with it. This was the beginning of a long-haul. (The Easter-vacation project.)

7.30 pm. I returned to the Noisome Spirits website. I sought to develop a descriptive template that could be applied to each of the seventeen compositions. It would include a precis of the content of those accounts on which they were based, and an outline of the compositions’ rationale, methodology, and source material.

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