March 20, 2020

Covid-19 is Gods’ judgement upon the misuse of apostrophe’s

WFH: DAY 3. I’m surprised that there aren’t more loveless nut-ball religionists, with an axe to grind against humanity, posting fake theologies. This virus isn’t a judgement. The ‘faithful’ will contract this disease just as surely as those of no faith. It doesn’t discriminate. And neither should we when it comes to rendering acts of imaginative kindness.

7.30 am: An early-morning WhatsApp consultation with my younger son, who has recently jumped into the deep waters of learning to play bass guitar. He’d analogue/digital ‘issues’. In my day, you just plugged the darn thing into an amp and turned it up to ’11’. 8.00 am: A communion. I read from John, Chapter 13, verses 1 — 11. Here, the act of washing and social intimacy go foot-in-hand, as it were. 9.00 am: I caught up with my sons (who are now working from their respective homes) and university emails.

9.30 am: Into the studio and back to the composition:

It’s title, ‘ There Was Such a Noise as if All About Was Going to Pieces’, seemed particular apposite at this present time. I removed material, and instead inserted silence prior to the coda. Small decisions can lever enormous improvements. The principle that ‘deletion adds’ proved to be true, again and again. Throughout the morning, I took time to respond to staff and student messages via MS Teams. Some of the exchanges were plain silly and trivial, but crucial to maintaining morale. As was the lovely Spring morning:

1.30 pm: ‘Push it. Push it, John!’, the voice exhorted. I worked at the micro level and moved at a snail’s pace. When solutions are recalcitrant, I apply myself with greater vigour. You don’t walk away from a brick wall. You bang your head against that wall until it falls down. 4.00 pm: I required some distance away from the composition; my ears were beginning to close. I switched tasks and took up the conference paper’s PowerPoint once again. (In the background: Miles Davis’ Miles in the Sky (1968).):

6.30 pm: Practise session. 7.30 pm: I carried on with the Powerpoint, establishing connection with the paper. It struck me that I could make a collage of images derived from photographs of the Philadelphia creeks, which I’ve mentioned in my discussion of Jones’s account. Thinking visually about the young man’s experience may help me to complete my sonic response to the same.

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  • I got a Jehovah’s Witless on FB here John with a gleam in his eye and a spring in his step who thinks this piddling nonsense is ‘The end of days’ and yes he is an absolute dickhead..


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