March 27, 2020

Splendid isolation is the term used at the time for the 19th-century British diplomatic practice of avoiding permanent alliances, particularly under the governments of Lord Salisbury between 1885 and 1902 (Wikipedia).

WFH: DAY 9. 8.15 pm: A communion. 8.45 am: I surveyed my inbox and listed my tasks for the day. I’m determined to hold fast to the principle that each day of the working week ought to have a focal activity, be that either research, teaching, or admin. Today is for research, principally, and the setting-up and testing software and hardware, together, in particular:

9.15 am: (1) Presonus mixer > Adobe Audition set up. 10.15 pm: Established and tested successfully. (2) Tascam mixer > Adobe Audition set up. This failed with Mac OS High Sierra. That didn’t surprise me; but it was worth a final try. (‘Come on Tascam … future-proof your products!’) However, it worked perfectly on a laptop that had be retro-fitted with Mac OSX. The hardware won’t be wasted, then.

1.30 pm: A little correspondence, by various means, with friends, in order to check their health and well-being status. 2.00 pm: (3) Mackie mixer > Adobe Audition set up. The output from the mixer is particularly ‘hot’, but warm, organic, and crystal clear to the ear too:

It was back to the Presonus mixer, in order to make a cross-comparison with the results of the other mixers. Afterwards, the Mackie mixer was routed through the laptop running Mac OS High Sierra. How, then, do you route the output from the laptop analogue/digital interface to an analogue only mixer? By using one of the pairs of stereo returns. Simple! On, then, to test the Presonus, and the EQ unit through which its output is passed, with external active monitors. Equipment must be subjected to a discipline. (‘And, John! … This lot needs a bit of discipline too!):

6.30 pm: Eventide:

7.30 pm: On to the iPad. Adobe doesn’t yet offer a version of Audition CC for this device. (Sigh!) Nevertheless, there were other apps that I could configure. By the close of the evening, I’d crossed off no more than one third of my Post-it list. Thus, tomorrow’s agenda presented itself.

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