March 31, 2020

Mama danced / Four feet / Away. / Papa danced / Four feet /Away (Scott Walker, ‘Bouncer See Bouncer’, Tilt (1997).)

WFH: DAY 12. 8.15 am: A communion. 9.00 am: ‘Of the making of [lists] there is no end.’ Emails consulted, diary updated, and I began working through my agenda. Today would be for research and its administration, principally. (1) BMC profile: completion. How hard it is to encapsulate one’s activities in a mere 200 words. This would take time. While it would be published on the British Music Collection site, I wanted the profile to reflect the totality of my activities (which include a few things besides music/sound practice).

12.00 pm: I held a consultation with one of our former students; they’ve been interested in undertaking a PhD Fine Art (and not under my supervision, I should add).

To one astute question I replied:

I don’t set out to theologise through my practice. Instead, my focus is upon the creation of form in relation to the source material. Rarely do I gain any insight into anything other than art.

12.00 pm: Back to the profile. I’ve never before been asked for this information. Dare I make an uninformed and non-predictive guess?:

After lunch, and with some help from a friend, I launched my profile. The site is clunky and counter-intuitive. Nevertheless:

4.45 pm: My afternoon constitutional. A family played ball at the centre of the Vicarage Field. Two others threw and caught a Frisbee in the far corner, and a runner completed several laps of the perimeter. I took a diagonal route towards the cricket nets. The uncertainty of a friend’s well-being bore down upon me.

7.30 pm: I’d crossed-off only two items from today’s ‘to do’ list. Other matters of much greater import had intervened. So I made haste in setting-up equipment for my program of making in order to learn.

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