May 20, 2020

WFH: DAY 47. 8.15 am: Doctory matters. Good to keep in touch … to keep on top of things. The surgery’s telephone answering message advised that if I was ‘either unable to breath or coughing-up blood’ then I should phone ‘999’, or else press ‘2’ (which seemed decidedly less alarming). 8.45 am: Assessments were resumed. Today I worked in the study. My studio had grown too familiar.

Some ‘issues’, like thunder, rumble on long after the storm has passed. Over the ether comes news about how universities in the UK intend to negotiate a return to study, come September. The prospects look like scenes from a surreal dream. Practice-based subjects are going to be challenged significantly. I’m not sure how students and staff will adapt to teaching and learning either side of a Perspex screen. Tutorials will be rather like visiting someone in a high-security prison.

House (detail) #27:

In the background, I listened to my three The Aural Bible series albums in reverse order. There are some artists (either visual, sonic, or dramatic) who cannot bear to engage with their own work after it has been completed. I understand that response. Sometimes the creation has been too painful to revisit. Personally, I listen … because I like the work that I’ve made, and it instructs me about the work that I’m currently undertaking. The past is great teacher.

1.30 pm: The assessment admin was mounting. I set into place provisions for work to be submitted at the close of the month. Keeping everyone in the loop is a task in itself.

House (detail) #28:

4.40 pm: Ambulations:

7.30 pm: Assessment admin, again: mark sheets to prepare, and extensions for submission permissions.

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