May 23, 2020

‘Be sure your sin will find you out’ (Numbers 32.23)

House (detail) #30:

WFH: DAY 50. Late yesterday evening, I read a conversation with Carly Berwick, an American sound artist, digital artist, and journalist who, like me, came to sound through fine art rather than through music. And, like me, found it difficult to locate her interests in sound and music within her art practice, initially. In order to bridge the divide, Berwick created a ‘free zone’ where, she explained, ‘I could do what I wanted and it didn’t matter whether it was any good or not’. Invariably, in the absence of the pressure to succeed, you do. Her intent chimed with my ‘play’-station concept. Perhaps I shouldn’t abandon my electronica too soon but, rather, manoeuvre it towards a hybridization with found sound.

House (detail) #31:

8.15 am: A communion. 9.00 am: I responded to student queries before settling to assess my MA Vocational Practice students’ presentations. Even though I’ve being talking to many of them since last September, there’s still so many surprises revealed through these auto-discourses. I’ve been impressed by the sense of commitment to, and confidence in, their identity as artists. Talking about your work at this nascent stage of development is very demanding. It’s hard to see the wood for the trees; hard to not either sound preposterous or hold hostages to fortune. (Our creative future rarely proceeds as we envisaged.)

House (detail) #32:

1.30 pm: Post-lunch, tasks were being acquitted often in parallel. It was rather like being a call-centre operative fielding inquiries in parallel. So much more of my time is spent on-screen. (This is the downside of online teaching.) By close of play, my eye-balls and frontal lobe were pounding.

House (detail) #33:

4.30 pm: Runaway.

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