May 29, 2020

WFH: DAY 54. 6.30 am: Rise.

House (detail) #34:

I shaved to Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 this morning. It’s wonderful forward momentum had me tripping spritely around the bathroom. 7.30 am: A communion. 8.00 am: Adminy stuff was approached with vim and vigour, fired by a desire to apportion the larger part of the day to research catch-up. 9.00 am: An emergency third-year painting tutorial began:

Among a number of bizarre discontinuous dreams that I had last night (which included an attempt to insert three things inside each other, on-screen) came thoughts about the South Wales Miners’ Library, which is part of Swansea University. I spent several days working there when I was a PhD Art History student. It had a wonderful collection of cassette tape-recordings of interviews with former coalminers. I should revisit the library, when the world is put to rights. At the centre is Oliver Rees (my maternal grandfather) in the late 1950s, at Beynon’s Colliery, Blaina, Monmouthshire, where he was colliery Overman:

10.00 am: On with assessments. Time flies when you don’t have it on your side. I endeavoured to put as much marking as was on the desk behind me in order to give myself space to deal with the weight of BA and MA PowerPoints that’ll be awaiting me on Monday. Lunchtime came and went, and I was still on assessment admin.

2.00 pm: Back to writing, punctuated by reading, for the afternoon. To one of my PhD Fine Art tutees, I sent:

4.30 pm: I walked passed the former Visual Art Department on Llanbadarn Road. The, now, School of Art operated out of the, once, former dairy until 1997, when we moved to the Edward Davies Building. I cut my teeth as a postgraduate and green-behind-the-ears lecturer there, It was an unseasonably warm afternoon:

7.30 pm: Back to reading, writing, and a rhythmic music. (In the background: Henry Purcell’s Funeral Music for Queen Mary (1695).)

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