May 30, 2019

9.00 am: The weather was peculiarly apposite: sullen-grey and indifferent to suffering – like on the day after my paternal grandmother died. And life goes on in a stupid way, still, thereafter. I turned DOC files into PDF files, reduced 100% to 30%, aggregated marks, and entered them on tables. There was an end to it in sight, however.

11.00 am: On, then, with the ‘blessed’ annual Postgraduate Research Monitoring round. I wasn’t looking forward to this:

By lunchtime (following an impromptu talk with an undergraduate inquirer), the monitoring admin was constructed and the mechanism switched on.

1.40 pm: I began finalising the marks for the MA Vocational Practice module, and working my way through the backlog of emails. I was determined to empty my inbox before 4.00 pm, fortified by:

Masters applications continue to arrive. I’m happy that the scheme is so popular, and even happier that the students benefit from it so much. But we’ll have to call time and close the door of the Ark shortly. 4.00 pm: ‘0’ emails. [Big ‘Hoorah!’] As the assessment period begins to draw to a close, my eye moves back to PhD supervision. Which is where it ought to be, as I begin writing the annual appraisals for my bevy of tutees.

7.30 pm: On with PhD report writing in my capacity as main supervisor, while batting-off incoming missive missiles.

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