November 16, 2020

‘(Tell me why) I don’t like Mondays’ (Boomtown Rats (1979)).

8.30 am: For the most part, because there’s a welter of accumulated emails and other admin to confront. There were some conference matters from the close of last week to mop-up too. In one of last night’s dream, I was talking to myself about deploying the stethomicrophone in the composition of ‘Black Man Standing’ [working title]. The device had been used, previously, in the development of one of The Biblical Record tracks (Diary, June 22, 2018).

From what I can recall from the dream, I was considering recording my heartbeat (at rest and, then, accelerating), in order to evoke the witnesses’ increasing fear at the encounter. Notionally, it did seem like an idea worth pursuing.

12.00 pm: In between admin, I re-listened to Saturday’s efforts. Tentatively, but with some certainty that what I was about to do was appropriate, the composition’s beginning was begun. After lunch, I maintained attention for two hours until the structure of the composition settled. The logic of its development was straightfoward — it followed the narrative development to a large measure. By 4.00 pm: the outcome achieved a certain confident certainty. I was encouraged:

4.00 pm: I closed the files for now, and returned to teaching prep and admin. 7.30 pm: The teaching prep stretched on.

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