November 20, 2019

7.15 am: The day began, as though reluctantly:

8.30 am: The cloud bank hung immovable. This was likely to remain the state of play for some time to come. I followed my customary route for those days when lunch needs to be purchased and ate on the hoof during a relentlessly busy day. On arrival at the School, I set up my stall for the morning’s presentation about colour mixing at 9.30 am:

10.30 am: Straight after, I was in art history mode and on with a day of Abstraction module one-to-one essay tutorials, punctuated by two PhD fine art tutorials, one in the flesh, the other on screen:

To whom do we take our grief? The answer will depend on your system of belief. Those who’re convinced that there exists a knowable, approachable, and sympathetic God, will pour out their sorrow, confusion, and intractable questions before him. But we also need one another’s understanding and consolation – to be aware that we aren’t alone when our heart is breaking, and among a community of those whose lives have been turned inside out too.

7.30 pm: A more-or-less final fling on the main website. It was time to move on, thereafter.

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