November 30, 2020

Sunday, November 29:

Monday, November 30. Too much trifle before bed. Will I never learn my lesson. Sleep was sporadic. I dreamt that David Bowie had made a comeback. That’d be quite an achievement. 8.30 am: What was before me this week? A lighter load, mercifully. Emails awaited. Projects are moving towards their conclusion. A space is beginning to open up. 9.00 am: I returned to Saturday’s initial moves towards the composition entitled ‘Throw Stones Out of the Water’. This, I discerned, would be a short piece … in keeping with the brevity of the account. All the clay was on the slab. Now, it needed to be divided and parcelled, pared back, and arranged within the stereo field and in depth-of-field.

11.00 am: Composition complete, I gravitated to the track list to confirm or otherwise modify the titles before opening-up compositions that required a few last minor tweaks prior to post-production mixdown. 11.15 am: Equipment sourcing. My objective over the next six months is to make my operations eminently portable. Thus, large amps and the PA system are up for sale, in order to fund smaller, lighter, equally qualitative, and sufficiently loud replacements. 12.00 pm: Procurement. Then, on with constructing background micro-samples for ‘The White Bow’.

1.40 pm: The afternoon was set aside for reviewing compositions and making such changes as had been fermenting in my mind over the last month. I was encouraged. There was coherence, consistency, and variety within those bounds. 4.30 pm: My ears were done-in. Into (semi)-darkness. ‘A city set on a hill cannot be hid’:

More and more houses have put up Christmas trees and lights. This year, I’ve reigned in my invectives about it being ‘too early for such trifles’. They’re expressions of relief, normality, and the hope of consolation and celebration to come.

7.30 pm: Admin had accumulated during the day. I set my face to climb to the top of the pile by the close of the evening.

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