October 23, 2019

There is a thin thread of gold that stretches far (elasticity). The connecting filament, through which an electricity passes (Text, 23 09 19).

8.15 am: I pushed out from the harbour with a little admin, and prepared for a day of PhD tutorials. The weather holds. 9.15 am: Down Llanbadarn Road, round Pound Place, up Trinity Road, and on to the School:

The School’s front garden was autumnally resplendent:

9.30 am: I readied my lectures for tomorrow’s Abstraction lectures, dispatched emailed (Inbox ‘0’!!!), and looked in the eye those tasks to come which will be an irksomeness to the flesh, before settling to my first tutorial, at 11.00 pm. My tutee came bearing gifts. What a lovely thought!:

12.00 pm: Tutorial number 2. I move from one room to another and from one world to another. The conversation changed, along with the context; the intent and the mode of practice could not be more different. These are features that I treasure most at this level of teaching. Eileen’s studio:

1.00 pm: On the way home, I stopped to pay my respects to Eifion, who was our next door neighbour and taken away suddenly and without warning three years ago. His work van is now the family charabanc. He’s dearly missed in this town:

2.00 pm: I prepared for my third PhD tutorial of the day – reading over material submitted, which usefully set the scene for the conversation and provided the substance of ideas that could be unpacked and reflected upon. 3.00 pm: A FaceTime encounter:

4.00 pm: I gritted my teeth and headed upwards to the Hugh Owen Library on campus for a further consultation with the really helpful Help Desk in order to get my VPN access proper sorted. Success at last! The problem was interesting, at least. The VPN programme downloads both the installation and the un-installation software. Thus when installed, it promptly un-installs itself. There’s a metaphor in there, somewhere.

7.30 pm: I dedicated the evening to the composition descriptors for The Biblical Record album.

The writing’s on the wall
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