October 27, 2020

There’s no such thing as landscape. Landscape is what we do to, and how we conceive, the soil, trees, hills, mountains, rivers, seas, clouds, sky, cities, towns, etc.

A poor night’s sleep. 8.00 am: A communion:

8.20 am: Off to School, finding myself along the way.

8.45 am: An anticipated challenge, as I sought to set up the equipment for a simultaneous face-to-face and online class. For the most part it worked. The problems are connected with the performance of the hardware and software. The monitor’s in-built microphone is too unidirectional. When I move away from it and towards the projection screens, the broadcast volume of my voice drops. When students in the room turn on their microphones, there’s howling echo. I’d overcome the monitor’s limited volume by attaching an amplifier. A lapel-microphone and, possibly, another microphone situated at the centre of the room, may provide a solution. So, today I was both gagged and nailed to the spot. All that I need now is to be bound hand and foot and dropped into a secured glass cabinet filled with water.

11.00 am: Back at home, I addressed incoming mail and prepared for the MA fine art tutorials, which would take up the remainder of the day. The local bandwidth was being eaten up by the many who’re working from home during the ‘circuit breaker’, I suspect. At times, we only heard one another, while reviewing images deposited on Teams. So many words spoken. Two voices negotiating their way towards something that has neither fixity nor identity at this stage.

1.30 pm: Up the tarmac hill to P4 Penbryn for the first afternoon of face-to-face tutorials with my MA fine art troupe. I’d not talked to them in this way since March. They all looked comfortable in and committed to their new studio spaces. The teaching exchange had not only a third dimension but also a depth of responsive connectivity that, with the best will in the world, can’t be achieve online. Physicality is a mode of communication too.

7.30 pm: Postgraduate administration.

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