September 29, 2020

‘Let go, and let’s see!’

7.00 am:

7.45 am: Teams had been playing up. Some students weren’t either able to access it or receive invitations to meetings via it. (Groan!) 8.45 am: Most of the problems were if not fixed then understood. 9.00 am: We all pitched in to engage the first ever online delivery of the MA Vocational Practice. It worked; it was not as ideal, but it was sufficient. Teams’ limitation is the number of students that can be visible on screen at any one time. There’s a danger of developing a non-interactive back row.

11.00 am: Then, it was on with a introductory talk with the MA Portfolio painting students, with Dr Forster. Next year, we should invite all students. There’s enough generic material to fit all mediums:

From 12.30 pm onwards, I conducted one-to-one tutorials with my new and my second year MA painters. I’m endeavouring to talk with all my art practice students, from BA to PhD, before the week is through. It’s a hike, but worth the effort to get them settled and on a path.

4.30 pm: A run to and from Llanbadarn Fawr:

7.30 pm: I reviewed the MA Exhibition 2 PowerPoint submissions in readiness for double marking with Dr Forster first thing tomorrow morning.

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