March 20, 2021

Friday, March 19. WFH: DAY 58/LENT 27. 7.00 am: The morning mist was denser today. The ground squelched under foot; leaves and soil along the path were, now, indistinguishable — like the mud pies I used to make (and taste) as a toddler. Forensic:

8.00 am: A communion. 8.30 am: I set up the room and the PowerPoints for the morning’s Art/Sound sessions and caught up on emails. 9.00 am: A postponed Art/Sound, one-to-one tutorial. 9.30 am: I made preparations for tomorrow’s online application’s event. 9.55 am: ‘Guests’ began to arrive at the room. There was a sound hitch my end, caused by the settings on my digital mixer. That fixed, we set off with a lecture entitled ‘Art History and Sound 1: Hearing is Another Way of Seeing’. This was followed by the second of the module’s workshops:

12.15 pm: More admin followed by an impromptu pastoral tutorial online. 1.45 pm: Emailery and catch-up. The academic world moves on relentlessly. 2.30 pm: I’d carved a slot to return to my CD website text-generating project. Tiredness was catching-up with me, too. The last lap is always the hardest. This had been a demanding term on so many fronts simultaneously. The Easter vacation could not come fast enough. 6.30 pm: The evening practise session. 7.30 pm: I drafted my ‘script’ for tomorrow’s online application event.

Saturday, March 20. WFH: DAY 59/LENT 28. 7.30 am: Promenading:

8.30 am: Tea #2. Emailery and admin in preparation for the day’s Online Application Event. 11.30 am: I pulled out my ‘Writing a Conference Paper’ PowerPoint (which I’d use at Tuesday’s Postgraduate Writing School), honed the content, and spruced-up the colour layout. Over the years, it had come to look distinctly tired. 12.00 pm: I returned to the ‘Noisome Spirits’ website writing.

1.00 pm: Lunch. Fried rice followed by rice pudding. (And, yes, I see the problem.) 1.45 pm: I attended a briefing meeting before falling, haplessly, into the afternoon’s proceedings. (What are those strange mechanical swooshing noises that occur when folk come online?) 2.30 pm: Chat Room chattery. 3.30 pm: In the ‘Collaboration Room’, my task was to deliver an introduction to the School’s activities (in lieu of the Head of School) …

… and an outline of its provision in Painting:

5.00 pm: Back to the Chat Room, for a final fling. 5.30 pm: An end of things.

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