May 27, 2020

‘What is truth?’ (John 18.28)

WFH: DAY 52. 8.00 am: A communion. 8.45 am: A quick Twitter review and the inbox before settling into the morning’s round of PhD tutorials. All my discussions seem to be of the present these days. The future appears like an under-exposed negative, presently: vague forms suggesting the presence of something more defined; spaces where there ought to be form; and little sense of either depth or perspective. Nevertheless … we work in the hope of a better tomorrow. We work in order to make a better tomorrow.

I need to be more disciplined at periodically finding a view from the house and staring into the far distance (where the birds live) in order compensate for looking too closely and for too long at a computer screen.

By lunchtime, I was hoarse and my head, throbbing. If there is a 10-minute break, then I’ll take it with my eyes closed and mouth shut. Pace is of the essence. Conversation invigorates. Laughter is a barm.

1.45 pm: Back into the ring, fighting. I observed (auditioned) a curious and rather beautiful phenomenon during my first tutorial of the afternoon. The birds outside the open window of my studio were singing so loudly that my computer’s microphone picked up their sound. I could also hear them clearly, a fraction of a second later, on my student’s computer speakers, which sound was picked up my their microphone and sent to my speakers; and so the exchange went on … like an audio recursive image. Much else had passed between the students and I today: art, history, art history, philosophy, and religion. A heady cocktail.

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